How I like spending my days and a little about my friends

Hi I am Shweta Mahajan and I am High Profile Independent Delhi Escorts Girls.Let me tell you about my friends who also work as an Independent Delhi Escorts and enjoy giving services to men and boys who are willing to have us with them and enjoy our company we would visit them and have fun with them getting to know new people through our profession My friends are all very friendly and very nice one of my friends is Anchal who is very gorgeous and sexy she is sultry and we have a lot of fun together but still try to maintain our bodies and be very slim and fit Anchal loves to run while I prefer jogging and when we are together we like to do both as it is fun working out together I meet her when I visit Jaipur but you are most welcome to meet me when I am in Delhi and when she visits Delhi she likes to hang out with me please respect us and our profession she is very much a lady and likes to have earl grey tea while I stick to green tea in breakfast we have sandwiches and she like to add mayonnaise and I like to have mustard sauce instead both of like to eat grilled sandwiches and enjoy a hot breakfast in our garden and the fresh morning air and she can get up easily while it takes me time to get off the bed in the morning and she likes to cook while I am a bit laid back post my running and jogging. I very much enjoy working as Independent Delhi Escorts.

Everyone enjoys the sun in the winter the weather is very pleasant right now and both of us are enjoying it is neither cold nor warm and this is what makes life great the lovely weather and being fit this is the joy of life and it is quite incredible what running and jogging can do for your health and being healthy is my priority and I also like to tell people that they should take care of their health first before doing anything else and Anchal is one of the fittest persons I meet models have to be very slim sexy and I like to go further than that and be very fit and meet Delhi Call Girls she is quite an incredible artist she gifted me a painting and loved to speak about it to my family she greets everyone with great confidence and she likes to meet many people in one day I very much enjoy my time with her and I like to know about her style she has the determination to succeed in the modeling industry I like to be with her very much she loves movies and music as well she likes arts and crafts she may be slow in it but she works her hands very fast as she is giving finishing touches to her pieces she loves to travel to the South of India and sometimes we take vacations together and have tremendous fun

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